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Identifying Opportunity

KGL Investment Company is skilled at identifying opportunities where it can leverage its experience in pursuit of opportunities where it can deliver the highest returns and make the most impact.

Leveraging Experience

The KGL Investment team employs a multidisciplinary approach to achieve a 360 degree perspective of the market to create leverage points where knowledge capital can facilitate the growth of hard capital.

Delivering Results

KGL Investment Company’s 2007 vintage Fund – The Port Fund  has achieved over a 20% net annual return since inception.

KGL Investment Company Asia (“KGLIA”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of KGL Investment Company K.S.C.C. (“KGLI”) established under the laws of the Cayman Islands in 2011. The company is engaged in professional advisory services and in international trade with affiliates, subsidiaries or branch offices in the Asia-Pacific Region and other foreign markets.

In late 2011, KGL Investment Company Asia established its Regional Operating Headquarters (“ROHQ”) in Manila, Philippines. KGLIA-ROHQ is mandated to exclusively provide, to its affiliates, subsidiaries or branches, qualifying support services including, but not limited to, the below:

    • Corporate finance advisory services
    • Business planning and coordination
    • Business development
    • General administration and planning
    • Marketing control and sales promotion
    • Training and personnel management
    • Research and development services
    • Product development

The establishment of KGL Investment Company Asia further strengthens and solidifies KGL Investment Company’s presence in the Asian region. It is a step further to achieving KGLI’s strategic plans for expansion and growth and is in line with KGLI’s business model of hands-on management and monitoring of portfolio investments to ensure comprehensive understanding and mitigation of key risks.